Genres:  Techno / Industrial Techno / Tech-House / Electro / Trance / Electroclash / Chillout / Synth Pop


1983 My first synthesizer Sequential Circuits Six-Trak 1985 My first soundcomputer Atari ST with C-Lab Creator 1988 My first A / D-sampler AKAI S1000 1990 My first small machine Yamaha SY-77 / Roland M160 / Roland SDE-1000 1995 Div. Synthesizer Sounds Program by Marco Repetto 1996-2006 Analog / Recording Studio Frauenkappelen in Bern 2002 Vinyl Production DJ TRONI / a day 2009 Production DJ Farone 2011 Studio Analog / Digital in Zollikofen Bern 2012 Mastering nine seconds Irresolution 2013-2016 own productions and sounds Programming 2017 Publishing Your own track. The music and me, that’s a very long story … From the exploration of my grandmother’s piano to the studio that I have today, the road is quite long and has undergone some twists. Some break sometimes, but to get stronger again. Two things made me enter the world of synthesizers: the first was the 1980 hit „Fade To Gray“ (Visage) / Depeche Mode and Yazoo – Do not Go and Jean Michel Jarre to hear it. I was 16 years old and had never heard songs in which the sounds were of synthetic origin. I’ve heard a bit of everything, variety, classical music, rock (Elvis Presley, because I did not quote), and stuff like that. When I heard this cult title, I had a greater admiration for the notes I heard than for the melody of that song. The second thing was to listen to bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Duran-Duran, Front 242 … Since the title „Fade To Gray“ I knew what I liked (global synthetic sounding somehow „pop / dance oriented“) Years ago I tried to discover more, thanks to today my best friend Thomas Schwarz managed to extend the synthesizer.

The goal is to transmit sound with all its power so powerful and pure.
That’s why the motto of membran66
„Do not drawer music,

To connect reality and illusions